The Blue Plane

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The Blue Plane

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The Grasshopper Man

- "An attractive couple takes a vacation to China and away from the real world in this … thriller. Campbell, judging by this book, is a Sinophile with a passion for travel. Itineraries are provided and street scenes recounted with the eye of an experienced traveler." read more

Kirkus Discoveries

"This book is sci-fi thriller, romantic/travel adventure, all rolled into one. As the plot twists and turns through changing time sequences and different countries, the reader is treated to rich descriptions of gourmet meals, beautiful scenery ... and then it all changes." read more

Time Traveler

"Interesting combination of action adventure, virtual (un)reality, introspection, and time jumping. En route to China for a much needed vacation, Doug and Chris Scott arrive in Hong Kong. But their vacation becomes a bizarre nightmare as they are kidnapped, escape, are chased through the underbelly of Hong Kong, and are befriended by an ancient Chinese man who leaves an indelible impression on Doug." read more

Meanderer Rover

The Grasshopper Man
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