The Blue Plane

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The Blue Plane

- the second book in The Grasshopper Man series. A young professional couple becomes ensnared in the nightmare System along with three colleagues. They are pursued by a mercenary computer guru and her assistants. Four Chinese children are also ensnared. All are chased through time and place, interacting with each other and characters from The System. The storylines explore the nature of Reality as they continually prove that "Love is the most important Reality."

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They walked down the streets of Clovis, the rhythms of Buddy Holly and J I Allison still pounding in their ears but slowly fading away into the sounds of pickup trucks and cars bouncing their way up the main street…read more

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The Grasshopper Man

- En route to China for a much needed vacation, Doug and Chris Scott arrive in Hong Kong. But their vacation soon becomes a bizarre nightmare. They are befriended by an ancient Chinese man who leaves an indelible impression on Doug. They slowly come to believe that they are trapped in a sinister alternative reality. As they are chased through time and place, Doug becomes convinced that their only chance of escape is inextricably linked to the old man in Hong Kong. The journey stretches their sanity and their love to the limit and ultimately leads them to an unimaginable fate.

The Grasshopper Man
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